Boilermaking and machining service 

At Calderería Integral Tacalme XXI S.L., we are concerned with regularly renewing our machinery park in order to guarantee high quality services adapted to new technologies.

With the passing of time we have managed to establish ourselves in the industrial sector, thanks to our human factor, since we have a work staff with extensive experience in all areas that our services compromise. If you are looking for an expert company in machining services in Spain, do not hesitate to call us.

Our services

At Calderería Integral Tacalme XXI S.L., we offer you a wide range of services adapted to the budget and priorities of your company:

  • Welding (all types of steel, stainless steel, manganese, aluminum, bronze, brass, etc.).

  • All kinds of sheets (smooth, teardrop, expanded, etc.), and profiles.

  • All kinds of maintenance (SMEs, port, large company stops, etc.).

  • Quick repair of machinery on site or at our facilities.

  • Assemblies and installations.

  • Express & Go solutions and repairs (you can continue working while waiting for a major repair).

  • Scaffolding, measurements of all kinds, generator sets, etc.

We have a van and van for our own transport.

Our products

We offer you a complete portfolio of products to cover your needs in terms of:


  • Certified welders.
  • Installations and maintenance.
  • Manufacture and installation of special structures.
  • Construction of all kinds of robotic and motorized lifting tools.
  • Preparation of custom test specimens for Airbus parts.
  • Sale of special custom machinery, with "CE" marking.


  • Detectors, centering devices, welded sets, etc.
  • Certified welders.
  • Threaded, drilled, folded, machined and curved.
  • Manufacture and installation of ramps for remnant falls.
  • Die entry plates, coves, defenses, etc.
  • All kinds of axles, storage stops, bushings, etc.
  • All kinds of parts and accessories for the die-making auxiliary industry.


  • Repairs and maintenance of all kinds.
  • Certified welders.
  • Construction of warehouses, containers, etc.
  • Manufacture in installation of railings, tramex, metal stairs, etc.
  • On- site repair of machinery.
  • All kinds of metal structures (washing areas, pits, etc.).
  • Structures with anchors and bases for concreting.
  • “CE” approved structures for lifting machines, people, etc.

Machinery and tool

  • Helices, discs, sectors, pipes, elbows, laterals, etc.
  • Certified welders.
  • Chains, sprockets, sleepers, etc.
  • All kinds of special steels: manganese, etc.
  • Anti-wear protections.
  • Turbine covers and bodies.
  • Turbine protections.

Other sectors

  • Solutions for the sectors: naval, renewable energy (wind/solar), metal, electrical, lumber, recycling, art-sculptures and auxiliary paper industry.
  • All kinds of metal drawers for electrical panels.
  • Wind supports, U-bolts folded to measure for solar panels.
  • All kinds of large metal sculptures.
  • Adaptation of Deha bolts, HZA Dynagrip profiles, HTA, Detan tie rods, etc.
  • Manufacture of ventilation valves for the paper industry.
  • All kinds of ramps for boat and truck access, loading docks, etc.
  • Boilermaking and machining of rigs for high-tonnage cranes with supports, protections, fenders, etc.

The best machining service in Spain

Contact us for the machining of custom rails, welding of clips on supports, etc.
We offer the best machining service in all of Spain. call us.